ARM / 8051 / C166 / ST10 Chip Manufacturers

AMD   IC Manufacturer
Atmel  (8051's and ARM)
Cygnal  Integrated Products   (8051's)
Cypress  (ARM, 8051's)
Dallas Semiconductor  (Fast 8051's, now with FLASH)
Infineon (ARM, 8051, C166)
Integrated Silicon Solution  (8051s)
Intel Corporation
  (ARM, 8051's)
OKI Semiconductor
Philips    (ARM, 8051's)
Standard Microsystems Corp
Silicon Storage Technology (8051's)
Texas Instruments (8051 with 24-bit A/D)
Triscend Corporation (8051's)
WiNEDGE Electronics  (8051)

Software / Emulator Companies / Consultants

  • BASIC and Forth
    AM Research  Good source for Forth language products
    Forth, Inc   Good source for Forth language products
    MDL Labs   BASIC and Utility Software for the 8051
    Systronix Inc   BASIC Software for the 8051 

  • Emulators
    CEIBO  Emulators, C-Compilers, Assemblers, Windows Debuggers, Microcontroller Programmers
    Hitex Development Tools  Emulators, Application Software for ARM, 8051 and C166 / ST10
    Signum Systems  Emulators for the 8051and TriCore
    Nohau Corporation   Emulators for the 8051 and 166 / ST10
    Raisonance  Emulators for the 8051




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