RbHost is a 32-bit Windows (TM) application, which combines an editor and a terminal emulator. The editor comprises the main window, allowing multiple source files to be viewed and edited. The terminal emulator, referred to as the TTY (teletype) is associated with dockable child window, referred to as the TTY window.  The RbHost editor has BASIC language syntax highlighting. It facilitates writing BASIC programs and downloading them to Rigel's embedded control boards. The BASIC interpreter may be in internal ROM, external ROM, or in RAM.

Most BASIC interpreters, such as the Intel 8052-BASIC, are complete development systems placed in internal ROM of the microcontroller. However, most interpreters do not have powerful edit functions. Thus, it is much more convenient to write source programs in RbHost and then download them to the interpreter. Similarly, RbHost provides a convenient way to store the source programs on the host PC.

We do not sell this software.  Please download it and use it.  Any comments you have about this software are welcome.

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