Rita-51 Demo (VBScript version)

Learn more about RITA -- Rigel Corporation's family of Internet appliance controllers.

This example shows how you can access RITA nodes with a web browser. Click "view source" in your browser to see how the ActiveX component is implemented. Your browser must support ActiveX to communicate with the RITA node. This page uses VBScript. Click here to see the same using JavaScript or here to see the version with the timer.

You may use other utilities, such as netcat, to communicate with the RITA nodes. The RitaBrowser, available from Rigel Corporation, is perhaps the most convenient means to monitor and control the RITA nodes.

This example is intentionally simple. You may add lists of nodes, graphical indicators, etc. to your HTML page.

Note that the page is not saved on the RITA node, nor is it processed or generated by it. The page may be saved on your PC or your intranet server. The ActiveX component contacts the RITA node and communicates over UDP.

Placing the burden of a fancy interface on the PC allows even the simplest (8-bit) controllers to serve as RITA nodes -- without sacrificing looks or functionality.

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