"Programming and Interfacing the ARM using GNU and Eclispe"


ISBN  0-9633257-3-6

This book is written to help an engineer step through the complex process of working with the ARM using the GNU and Eclipse tools. This book does not pretend to be a replacement for the thousands of pages of documentation. Nor is it a reference book.

This book recognizes that embedded control has evolved, and that there has been a shift in what is required from the systems design engineer. Rather than “knowing” everything there is about embedded control, the systems engineer must “have the capability to find out” about everything. This is especially the case when components are continually evolving, presenting a very fluid landscape of knowledge and skills.

In any book the key concepts must be conveyed. However, rather than following the customary systematic approach that builds on the subject matter from the initial principles, with this book we've resorted to a guided exposure. In this sense, the approach is more like case studies popular in business administration and management science schools. We provide an assisted tour of the topics. We not only give examples, but also point out where additional information may be obtained.

As much as possible, we give sources that refer to web sites. We also provide a dedicated web page for this book, which will periodically, among other things, list changes to the references.

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