Fuzzy Logic LabPac
This package has been put together at a discount for those interested in Fuzzy Logic applications using the 8051 family of microcontrollers. Detailed information on the hardware, software, and books may be found on the web site. 

The R-515JC  is a six-layer board with separate VCC and Ground planes intended for demanding industrial applications. Ideal for data logging or mixed mode communications. This board is the newest in Rigel's expanding line of 8051 controllers. It's low cost and flexibility also make it ideal as a training platform. The R-515JC has four serial ports, one is a dedicated RS-232 port, one a synchronous serial port, and two which can be configured for RS-232 or RS-422 / RS-485. The R-515JC also has CAN, (Controller Area Network) with the physical layer on-board.

rFLASH Fuzzy Logic Applications Software Helper, is a code generator which creates a set of subroutines and tables in the MCS-51 assembly language to implement Fuzzy Logic Control applications. The user writes a Control Task Description File (CTDF) for the input to rFLASH. The CTDF consists of five types of statements: inputs, outputs, terms, rules, and options. No in-depth knowledge of fuzzy logic control is necessary. The CTDF may be written with any ASCII editor. rFLASH has minimal requirements of the computer's resources. A rFLASH Simulator is included. The rFLASH Simulator generates outputs from given inputs on the PC. The simulator may be used to test several inputs and fine-tune the terms or rules accordingly. 

Reads51 (RIGEL's Embedded Applications Development System) Reads51 v4.10 combines a  IDE, a SmallC-compatible 8051 compiler, an absolute assembler, a relative assembler, a linker/locator, and an editor, with Reads51 v3.x and the RchipSim in one easy to use IDE.  You have the choice of toolchains, Version 3 or Version 4, to allow flexibility while using the software.   

"Programming and Interfacing the 8051 Microcontroller in C and Assembly"
We have completely rewritten and updated our first 8051 book. This 400+ page textbook now includes expanded chapters, updated assembly code, and examples in C.  This book provides an exposure to the diverse family of the 8051microcontrollers now manufactured. A comprehensive hands-on approach is taken to present how the microcontrollers are programmed and interfaced to external circuitry to perform useful automation and control functions. Programming nuggets are given for each instruction and each operating mode of the family.  

Our Fuzzy Logic Package includes:
1.  The R-515JC board with 32K EPROM and 32K RAM
2.  Reads51 , rFLASH --RIGEL's Fuzzy-Logic Applications Software Helper
3.  2  BOOKS: "Programming and Interfacing the 8051 Microcontroller in C and Assembly" and 60 page booklet "Embedded Fuzzy-Logic Control"
4.  3 MANUALS: The R-515JC User's Guide, Reads51 User's Guide, rFLASH User's Guide, download from the web.


Fuzzy Logic Package

$ 225

rFLASH Software

$ 100
R-515JC Board $ 125 / $150
Programming and Interfacing the 8051 Microcontroller in C and Assembly $  45



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