RMB-S LabPac
This educational package is designed for a beginner and is self-paced and self-taught. The intended audience is practicing product design engineers and those interested in learning the 8051 family of microcontrollers. The course material was written by university professors with over fifteen years experience teaching microcontrollers. The course is built around the RMB-S / Reads51 package and contains background information on microcontrollers, assembly language, fundamental program blocks, control applications, and hardware design considerations. The course material is found in the book "Programming and Interfacing the 8051 in C and Assembly."  The material in the text book including the experiments, example programs, and concepts may be used by the legal owners in their own designs, systems, and products without royalties or licensing fees.

The RMB-S LabPac includes:
1.  RMB-S Evaluation board with Reads51 and User's Guides (download from web)
2.  "Programming and Interfacing the 8051 in C and Assembly"
3.  Hardware components: (Analog-to digital converter, digital-to-analog converter, stepper and DC motors, resistors,  capacitors, transistors, and others.)
4. rFLASH software, (Fuzzy Logic)

The RMB-S LabPac is available for $450.
Schools, Students (with valid school ID), and US military personal receive a 10% discount on all products.




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